Wearing Formals? Add a Cashmere Pashmina for the Zing!

Here’s presenting a scenario –

Denise walks into the office at sharp 9.a.m. As usual, she is impeccably dressed, today add on being a cashmere pashmina rolled up on her formal shirt and skirt combo. A Rado watch and diamond drops were her only accessories. Given her tasteful choice of clothes, she was always on the receiving end of the barrage of compliments and today was no different.

As she set her space up and switched on her laptop, she decided to include ‘different styles of wearing cashmere’ as the topic of her blog. As the creative head of a famous fashion domain, a blog on this was not really something out of context.

Well, do you wish to know what were the styles she mentioned in her post? Here are some of her unique cashmere pashmina style statements, that even you can try for your formal arena.

Girl in a Cashmere Pashmina

Some formal styles with your cashmere pashmina

With formals:

When it comes to formals, donning a cashmere is very difficult. Imagine, how would you drape a piece of cloth at a boardroom meeting? Well, here are some of the styles of draping the same.


When you are donning either a cream or a black trouser, a pastel hued cashmere pashmina can be a great option. In this set-up, you can try out single or double knot style, or simply drape it on the one side of your attire.

In case you plan to go funky – try out the waist knot type along with your belt and add-on a pair of diamond drops to the look!


When it comes to formal skirts, A-line, pencil form and slit skirts are great options. In recent times, the ruffle skirt is also creating waves.

  • For the pencil skirt or slit skirt, you can team the cashmere pashmina like a double knot and add a broach to this attire.
  • For those who plan to wear the bright ruffle skirt with a cashmere pashmina – to add-on to the volume tie it around your waist or try taking it from the back leaving the two ends hanging loosely.

Now that’s the office look!

What if your late evening works take you off to a sudden formal dinner meeting or party? Just change the style, my friend!

  • Take one of those cashmere pashminas from one side of the shoulder and pin it up on the other lower side. Attach a pin to it to hold it up tight.
  • In case you wish to go funky, try tying up your cashmere like a headgear and leave your mane open or tie it up on one side.
  • If you find everyone trying some style or the other, then just give them a miss! You will be carrying a handbag to your party? Just tie it around and leave it hanging partly – and then see!! (BTW, this is Denise’s all-time favorite style statement)

Note: With most people going in for affordable pashminas, chances are high that you may get cheated (happened with me once, was given a fake cashmere at real price). Therefore, do cross-check the cashmere pashmina before you buy and make sure that you get it from a credible retailer rather than any random seller.

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